Measuring Your Organization's Facebook Impact

If, like me, you're skeptical of the simple numbers like "# of followers" or "3 of likes" on Facebook and want to be able to dig a little deeper into what kind of an impact your organization's Facebook presence is having, I highly recommend taking 10 minutes to read Mari Smith's summary in her post How to Measure Your Facebook Impact.

Mari gives a great overview to help you dig a little deeper into the effect your Facebook Page could be having on your organization, covering things like:

  • Monitoring and contextualizing Facebook "Insight" data
  • Reviewing Post Impression numbers
  • And monitoring your per-post insights

As always with this stuff for an organization of any size, I highly recommend starting to create your own benchmarks so that you can compare progress over time for your organization, rather than getting too worried about how other might judge success. I also strongly recommend trying to tie your metrics to some external (ie/ non-Facebook stats), so things like:

  • Increased donations,
  • Increased website traffic,
  • Increased email newsletter sign-ups,
  • Increased membership sales,
  • Or, whatever works best for your organization to measure success.

See if you can track some of those numbers alongside your Facebook insights and see if Facebook is indeed helping to build capacity within your organization.